Storefront Glass Fabrication, Installation or Replacement in New Jersey

For your store or commercial property, getting connected with the right company to install storefront glass is of significant importance. Trust us when we say that this is a very specialized area of the glass industry. There maybe 1000 companies out there to choose from that all offer custom glass services, yet only a handful will be able to do the job properly. This means to spec, to code, to the precise measurement dictated by the builder or architect.

At Vlad’s Mirror & Glass, we have decades of experience analyzing architectural plans, working with general contractors, property management companies, small-medium-large companies and franchisees to properly fabricate as well as install storefront glass.

New Storefront Glass Installations in New Jersey

Whether a luxury high-rise is being developed or a new store is being built, storefront glass will be needed. This is not something you can simply ask anyone to do. It requires a carefully trained, experienced and skilled set of eyes that have a knack for attention to detail.

In any event, when a store opens to the public at the ground level, it typically has a large storefront window housed in framing. While (if done properly) these installations can last decades, there are plenty of other factors which would be cause for a new installation.

  • Quality of original materials used in storefront window structures.
  • Thermal efficiency of windows.
  • Insufficient or improper maintenance of windows.
  • Harsh climates and direct sunlight will lead to window failure over time.
  • Poor building construction (foundation) can lead to serious issues on a long enough timeline.
  • Vandalism

We build storefront glass windows with a combination of aluminum, glass and industrial grade water-proofing material designed to make these structures last for decades. While we pride ourselves and our industry on being able to create these marvelous windows, they’re not impervious to damage.

Storefront Glass Replacement in New Jersey

In the event that your store or commercial property’s glass window is damaged due to vandalism, an accident or any of the factors listed above, we can help you immediately. This is an area that we have decades of experience specializing in. Everything from taking measurements, speaking with general contractors, reviewing architectural plans is right up our ally. We’re very good at what we do and the only reason we have been able to establish a positive reputation in New Jersey is our dedication, satisfaction and quality of work given to existing customers.

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